Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture

The Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture Poetry Program, led by 2019 Boston Poet Laureate Porsha Olayiwola, selected 15 poems for National Poetry Month on “The Human Condition. “ My poem, “My MaMa’s Back,” a tribute to the Chinese immigrant women garment workers of historical Chinatown, was selected as one of the 15 and will be displayed in Boston City Hall next to the Fifth Floor, South Elevator for one year and also on an online gallery. It is also displayed outside Mayor Michelle Wu’s office , a poem about a Chinese immigrant woman garment worker hanging outside the office of the first Asian , first woman , first mom to be elected Mayor of the City of Boston by a landslide, is to me a kind of poetic Justice. It was read at a public reading at City Hall on April 29, 2022 by Jeanette Leung, a former Chinatown child.

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