“A Tale of Three Chinatowns” at Revolutionary Spaces

Revolutionary Spaces hosted a free screening of “A Tale of Three Chinatowns,” directed by Lisa Mao and produced by Penny Lee. This fabulous documentary features Boston, Washington D.C., and Chicago’s Chinatown. I am honored to provide opening remarks and a reading of my poem “My MaMa’s Back” at the screening. “My MaMa’s Back” is a tribute to the Chinese immigrant women garment workers of historical Chinatown and is now on display in Boston City Hall on the Fifth Floor, South Elevator, outside Mayor Michelle Wu’s office. We had a most stimulating and fun panel discussion with the amazing filmmakers, Penny Lee and Lisa Mao, Dominican writer, activist, and urban planner , Beya Jimenez, and professor Andrew Leong, moderated by the excellent Gina Jamieson of Revolutionary Spaces. Thank you to Gina Jamieson and Revolutionary Spaces for organizing this event in this historic place, the Old South Meeting House, where the American Revolution began and where Phyllis Wheatley worshipped and published her poetry while enslaved. The Revolution continues.

With Penny Lee, fabulous filmmaker of “A Tale of Three Chinatowns .”
Opening Remarks and reading of “My MaMa’s Back “
Honored to be with the amazing Dominican writer and housing activist, Beya Jimenez, and professor Andrew Leong .
Great conversation with this lovely group!
(L.-R.) Cynthia Yee, Beya Jimenez, Andrew Leong, and filmmakers, Lisa Mao and Penny Lee.

(L-R) Cynthia Yee, Penny Lee, Gina Jamieson (organizer), Lisa Mao, Beya Jimenez, and Andrew Leong .
Thank you, Gina Jamieson and Revolutionary Spaces!
Penny Lee, Jackie Chen, Beya Jimenez
Panel: Cynthia Yee, Beya Jimenez, Andrew Leong, Lisa Mao, and Penny Lee
Lisa Mao, visionary filmmaker speaks of the filmmaking process involved in making “A Tale of Three Chinatowns “ which was aired on PBS. Such a lovely, talented group ! I feel honored to have served.

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