Arc February 8, 2019 by Cynthia Yee Previously published in Boston Art Review. Issue 03 I began life on the streets of Boston’s Chinatown, mazes useful for evading enforcers of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.  The Act barred Chinese from immigrating, becoming citizens, and intermarrying.  Repealed in 1943, its effects linger.  I am the … Continue reading Arc


by Cynthia Yee RRRrrrr…rrrr…The humming came from the top of the summit,rrrrrrrrRRrrrrrr….rrrrrrr..Rrrrrr…, the soundtrack of my seven years of life,  MaMa's constant heartbeat, MaMa's sweet lullaby, MaMa's comfort signal, trailing down, calling me home. I faced the steep mountain, its wide bannister worn shiny and smooth, so perfect for mounting and gliding down. The gleaming … Continue reading Sky

Life from the Viewpoint of a Chinatown Chicken

Blog post at the Asian Community Development Corporation.           I lay here, all fragrant and dressed in my finery, listening to the sound of joyful chatter and laughter all around me. My head and graceful neck rest neatly by my side; my legs tucked under me with care. Elegance is my … Continue reading Life from the Viewpoint of a Chinatown Chicken