Interview with the Boston Compass Newspaper, May, 2021.

I was interviewed by Stephen Grigelevich in Spring of 2021. I had just been nominated, to my great surprise, to apply for the Brother Thomas Fellowship at the Boston Foundation and was struggling with the intricacies of the online form when he flew into my life . To fit him into my hectic life I told him he could come by the boba tea shop to show me the final copy while I struggled with technology . His boundless enthusiasm and joy only addled me more. I won the fellowship in 2022 , another great surprise, and became busy with a number of artistic collaboration projects. Recently I read his piece again and put it aside only to re-read it again and re-read it again . It is such a wonderful and funny piece ! Two years later I appreciated it even more , got in touch with Steve and reposted it online. And here it is with an intro from me this time. Thank you , Steve Grigelevich, for your patience and capturing me so well. compass

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